85 Sqm Ristrutturarti Perfectly

85 Sqm Ristrutturarti Perfectly

Though you might be fascinated by a retro style, when it comes to interior design it is necessary to assess certain elements in a more modern light, to move with the times, to avoid creating a copy and paste effect of a trend that belongs in each case in the past.

Today we are in a town in the province of Belluno, Sospirolo, to show the change of a house of 85 sqm in style 70 years, the processing of which provides for the preservation of those vintage components that have been placed in a modern context. The project was conceived by Titian Belluno De Cian. Let’s see what this interesting renewal!

The livingroom

Let’s start with the description of the living area, which provides a variety of sessions, from the couch to the armchairs, and a modern piece of furniture that takes up almost the entire wall, but only in length. The color of the latter is light gray, very modern as are his lines, and minimal net and acts as a support base to the TV.

Extremely current are also the cubes on the walls cables, very useful for storing books or decorative ornaments of any kind.

From another angle

This allows us to do a full immersion in the seventies start with light wood table with a black iron structure, reminiscent of the feet of the two seats on the bottom of the image; the latter, always in wood, have a backrest in a radial pattern with heavenly pillows and are placed next to a linear console, but the back. The only item from the current taste is the gray mouse sofa, perfectly integrated with the decidedly Seventies environment.

Brightness and freshness

The image shows us the kitchen with dining area, and now we see the light that breaks through the window, further emphasized by the predominance of white, a color that characterizes the furniture, with the exception of indigo compartments, and the chairs around the dining table , of a very dark brown.

White allows you to use any color as the latter will be enhanced, making it brilliant.


Large room and very bright, despite the white curtains with circular patterns in various shades of green and brown. These colors evoke the green of the two underlying chairs.

The vintage design of these elements appears to be an added value to this room, in which there are also a handy white dresser and large closet. Simplicity and style are the masters.