Kia Picanto Car 2017

The car is one of the private vehicles that became a favorite for most of the people of Usa. In addition to avoid the heat of the sun and also avoid rain water basin, the car also provides its own comfort for the rider. One of the cars that is currently a favorite for most people of Usa is the car Kia Picanto. This car is a car City Car type that can accommodate passenger capacity as much as 4 people. this car itself for the first time in production in 2017. With the provided features and also an attractive design makes this car a favorite by many consumers.

Kia Picanto car is equipped with 1.2 liter engine which is supported with dual DOV CCVT technology with a cylinder capacity of 1250 cc. It is capable of creating a speed of 11.3 seconds and can also generate 87 hp power. This car is claimed as a super-efficient car with the assumption that the use of fuel is only 1 liter only for mileage 19 KM. This car is available in 2 variants of choice of manual and matic transmission. In addition, this car is also designed with a luxurious and elegant design.Kia Picanto  2017

The advantages possessed by the car kia picanto is located on the engine, so the power generated is also quite large, although only using the capacity of 1250 cc cylinder. In addition, this car is also fuel efficient with acceleration of 11.3 seconds with a speed of 100 km / hour. This car is only equipped with a simple audio system and also a minimalist AC arrangement making it easier to memorize and also easy to operate.

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For the price offered is also quite varied. The price offered in the market ranges from $10k to $11k  only.

In addition to having advantages, car kia picanto also has some shortcomings. Among the disadvantages are not equipped with airbags, the absence of ABS technology, EBD, and BA in REM systems, there is no LCD monitor, and also not equipped with a power window.